Family-friendly company

Family-friendly company

On behalf of the State Secretariat for Family and Youth of the Ministry of Human Resources, the Hungarian Human Resources Funding Management published a call for tenders in 2021 to support the creation and development of family-friendly workplaces

After GYSEV had received the Family-Friendly Workplace Bronze Certificate for the first time in 2020, the renewal resp. acquisition of the certificate was also for 2021 a declared goal.

In addition, GYSEV CARGO also applied in 2021 for the first time for the title family-friendly workplace.

The tender supports programs and measures to create and develop family-friendly workplaces that help to reconcile family, private and professional life. Both already existing and planned measures and development programs are funded.

Our application was assessed and we are pleased to announce that the Gold Certificate Family-Friendly Workplace was awarded to GYSEV and, for the first time, to GYSEV CARGO!

In evaluating the applications, corporate family-friendly attitude, allowances, family events and social networking programs, as well as activities to maintain physical and mental health and related policies were examined.

We would like to thank all employees who participated in conducting the audit.

We are proud of our results!